Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 219 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Nineteen

Much excitement today.  Juana and I went to DAM to see the current show, we had lunch at Cass Cafe, I went to Sue's, when I arrived home my new camera was here!!!

I was so thrilled to have a piece in If You Build It, They Will Come at Detroit Artists Market.  Each and every artist made such incredible works with their five pieces of wood.  Here are just a few of my favorites from the show.

Peggy Kerwan - Conditioned Response
Rick Cronn - In Writing
Chad Davis - Searching For Direction
Senghor Reid - Crisis
Molly Diana Murphy - Wood Mask Box
Joe Culver - Incontrol
Terri Light - Nightswimming
Mary Fortuna - Long Legged Tiger Puppet
another view
Took Gallagher - Woodlee
Nancy Rodwan - Noble Steed
Lisa Grix - My (Not So) Secret Garden
Julie Woodard - Origami Bird
Andrew Schmidt - Geomancy
Sandra Cardew - Figure With Young Hare
another view
Brian Pitman - Whorl
Bruce Giffin - Blind Faith
Andrea Rosenfeld - Build From Within
another view
Krysti Spence - Wound
Teresa Peterson - Midnight Garden
Jessica Woodard - Sunset Over Mountains
Jeff Cancelosi - A Conversation with the Past
Barry Roth - Untitled
Sanda Cook - Then and Now...
okay...some more Woodlee views...

 If You Build It, They Will Come
Detroit Artists Market   August 1 - August 29
4719 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI  48201

After DAM Juana and I went to Cass Cafe for a lovely and delicious lunch of calamari amidst the incredible paintings on display.  This show is called The Detroit Portrait Series: Writing Our Own History (Through Art) and is by Nicole Macdonald.  The show runs July 19 - September 13.  Here are just a few shots from our table.

There was just something about this painting...the colors, the overall look, the church, the brush, he looked like he was saying stuff to Juana.
The Detroit Portrait Series: Writing Our Own History (Through Art)
Cass Cafe    July 19 - September 13
4620 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI  48201

1 comment:

Sue Marrazzo said...

GREAT works! and so inspiring to me as an artist!
I love the sunset piece a lot!

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