Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 214 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Fourteen (an update of sorts)

I had a shortened day today with Sue...her husband went into work very early and that meant that I could leave earlier than what has become my "regular" time slot.

I've been using the day to catch up a bit around the house and also to try to locate the back up camera that Jeff gave me.  I wasn't sure if I still had it or if I had passed it along to another camera-less friend.  I did find it finally and the battery is charging.  I took a couple of quick test shots with it but now I realize that I don't have a manual for it (no doubt I can find one online) but I've been fooling around with it a little so I can use it until my new camera arrives -- estimated delivery date is August 7.

So -- another night of no real blog post and definitely no photos to show because I cannot understand how to get the pictures out of the camera and into my computer.  The cord for my Canon does not fit the Nikon...and I have never just used a memory card for uploading.  Hopefully I can show stuff from tomorrow because Sue and I are supposed to go see her horse.

As back up to the back up camera, I also have Sue's husband's old Canon digital SLR -- big and clunky and I really don't know very much about that one...or how to work it.  It is also useable...but not very handy for snapshots for the blog...but it is here...but no manual that I can readily find...and that battery needs to be charged as well.  Fingers crossed for camera progress tomorrow.

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