Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 227- 365/2014 (just barely late!)

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Seven

Oh Bother!!!  Blogspot called 12 midnight Saturday instead of Friday tonight...oh well.

Coolness -- I arrived home tonight to find my set of Jason Limon "Cryptidibts" waiting for me in my mailbox! 

I got the set that is 31-35 -- here they are, with the text from the back(s):

No. 31:  Guageface likes to wander around touching every object it comes in contact with to see if they make its dial move.
No. 32:  The Pygmy Bugler Goat can't grow horns so it finds a delicious substitute to stick on its head and then eat the rest.
No. 33:  In an effort to defend itself from salty assaults, the Mocking Mollusc uses every day objects to create a disguise.
No. 34:  Rob the Bleach Guzzler pretends to be a high school maintenance worker so he can chug all the free bleach and cleaning solutions that he can get his hands on.
No. 35:  The Nicotine Bird has developed a taste for cigarettes.  Continuously smoking them and using the butts to build a nest.  As its young hatch and grow they foster the same addiciton.

I love them all, though numbers 32, 34, and 31 are the ones that made me order the set.  They are 5"x7" (postcard style with glossy fronts).  I see that this set has sold out -- I ordered mine just in time! 

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