Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 226 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Six

I did not go to Sue's house today for several reasons.  One of the reasons is that I am having a really hard pain day.  I was hoping to be able to eventually work a bit on a project but it just didn't happen.  I managed to try a few stitches on the big blue creature collage but I am not at all happy with the results and I will end up putting another layer of papers over the creature area to cover it up.  As I've said before...there is just no point in pushing things when they are not coming.

These are photos from yesterday, on the way to Sue's house:

Maneuvering between those two missing concrete chunk areas at the foot of my driveway...luckily, my car just fit in between them.
Looking down towards Eight Mile after pulling out of my is not as far as this picture makes it look.
The barricades at Eight/N Center...I can access Eight Mile from the school's parking lot...turn right at the steam roller thing.
Heh...of course!  Eight Mile is being worked on from Taft to through traffic...detour over Taft to Nine Mile.
Sue lives in a lakey area...lots of fishing spots.  MOST of the little party stores sell Walt's Crawlers -- I keep seeing the signs for them EVERYwhere around Sue's house.  As I got closer to Sue's look what was in front of me.  I thought that maybe Walt's Crawlers was a very local business that was supplying the bait to shops...apparently the crawler farm is in Vanderbilt, MI -- I have no idea where that is.
This is in front of one of the shops near Sue's cracks me up everytime I drive by it.  And yes, they sell Walt's Crawlers there.
This place is actually pretty busy most of the time I go by it...someone had just pulled up as I was pulling in.  I kept driving around the side of the building to use the exit over there to get back on the road and I was amazed by the vending machine...
...yep -- a bait vending machine -- I have never seen this before. 
The machine is currently out of order.  I didn't get out of the car to check it out...this is a zoom from the car.  What an odd vending machine...but I suppose it comes in handy when the bait shop isn't open.

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