Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 215 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Fifteen...a change of pace

Our day was a little more interesting today -- Sue needed to parcel out some supplements for her horse at the barn where she keeps him.  We drove out there and she was able to slowly hobble over to the locker area of the first barn (with the indoor arena) and I helped by bringing the chair for her and then doing the walking around parts...which is kind of amusing because I have problems with everything from the waist down (with trouble standing for too long or walking too far)...a sort of the blind leading the blind situation...but we are getting through it.

Those roads out there where the barn is (where all of the various barns she has boarded her horse(s) at actually) are very -- to me -- similar.  Get me out in the woods on dirt roads and I get a bit panicky because everything looks the same and I lose my sense of's kind of ridiculous, but there you go.  Sue on the other hand knows exactly where she is and how to connect all of those back roads...even in the dark.  Man! are a few photos (using the back up camera that I am not at all familiar with)(and have to use the memory card to get the images into my computer)... sheesh.

Okay...the first road (shot through the windshield)...they ALL look like this, I swear.
Finally getting to the barn...this is the view from the road.
Sue getting out of the car.
Sue after I assured her there was room to get by the truck inside of the barn.
Sue at the gate...about to show me how to open it.
The indoor arena...this is a really great looking place!
Sue in the chair I carried over for her doing jazz hands...these are the tack lockers of the horse owners.
Sue's tack locker.
Her horse's food and scoop and supplements containers.
Sue refilling the little cups...I helped, too...Sue scooped the supplement and I added the powder stuff.
We drove around to the side of the barn to get a view of the pastures and see the second barn where her horse's stall is.  This guy is a show horse who is used to having his photo taken...he was very cooperative...these are shot from the driver's seat of my car through the open window...he came right up to us and started posing.
My bad photography with this unfamiliar camera...the horse is great poser.
Pulling the zoom back a bit to include the tractor I was shooting around.
The pastures...Sue's horse is out there somewhere...probably down the hill.  We were hoping someone was going to be around to be able and go out and get her horse...she wants to check his feet/clean them out...and maybe lunge him a little.  I was going to try to do the lunging part...we will try again sometime during the week.
Okay...another road out there.
A different road.
And another different road...they all look the same to me -- gah!
After we finished up out there we got back to civilization and went through Milford and back towards Sue's area and went to the grocery store...I "ran" in and got a few things to make dinner for her and her husband.  Then we rested a bit and put dinner together...Sue scooted on the floor over to the kitchen and talked me through the dinner prep.  Then we both rested a bit and Pepper came home just after I moved my car out of the driveway and I was washing the pots/pans/bowls.  Then I cam home.  It was a shorter day today but man -- it wore us out.  That was a lot to do.

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