Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 93 - 365/2014

Day Ninety-Three

Man...I am so not a painter.   At times it almost becomes amusing, but mostly it is just frustrating.

The poking/suggestions I was getting today were to give the really long horns guy a "green wash".  Okay.  (I'm thinking now I may have intercepted suggestions meant for someone else...clearly they couldn't have meant me.)

Here are today/tonight's painting/wash/painting/washing off results.  This poor guy is so wet and sticky and a big ol' mess.  I think I have an idea of a totally different direction to go in.  It will be time consuming, but I think it will be better than this...because I sure don't know where this was going.

after -- the first green wash
after -- the first green wash
For the second application I mixed up a really odd color of green and painted him all over...
...then I went back right away and tried to take most of it back off again...
...what a mess...a sticky, wet mess...he will be fine I am sure...I have a different idea

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