Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 117 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Seventeen

Today I filled in for my friend Joanne at the Northville Art House.  Joanne was the organizer of this month's solo show by artist Tom Thewes.  The show came down today.  I was there to open the NAH for Tom and his helpers...then my job was to patch the holes and paint the patches.  Jasper graciously removed the various hardware and Joshua got on a chair and filled seven holes that were too tall for me to reach.  Jasper and Joshua helped Tom with the wrapping and packing of the artwork.  It was all pretty organized and went smoothly, but it still took a little over three hours.  I stayed on for another hour after that finishing up the patching and painting.

The work table was already set up and waiting with everything we needed.
In all, forty-two pieces of art need to be taken down and packed up.
I'm sorry to see this show go.
Tom getting started on packing the first piece.
Whoa -- that was a LOT of work Tom and the guys did -- good thing he has experienced helpers!
And the first of many trips down to the car.

Oh -- and I forgot to show the fortune I got yesterday at lunch with Juana...


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