Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 103 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Three

This is the guy I wanted to work on and Andy was ready to help me in his workshop with the drill press, etc...but I realized I should get more work done on the parts that will be hardest to reach once the screws and hardware are on.  So I postponed the workshop visit until maybe next week -- hopefully not too much later.

In the are today's photos and the slight progress.

The rabbit-guy and his parts (minus arms/hands)
Sometimes I do need to sketch out a if I am going to enlist assembly help.
I think I will get some more of these things and hammer them flat...nuts/bolts the top holes in the hollow part of the torso and screw the bottom holes up into the wooden plaque underneath.  (This is the croco-creature-guy.)
Much to my dismay when I was looking for the rabbit-guy's base I realized I had already appropriated it for the really long horns guy.  I am hoping I still have one more part of that floor lamp base that Joan spotted in a house-emptying trash heap that I went back and grabbed.
Wa-hooey -- I DID still have one more section left.  I thought it was going to be one solid piece of lathed wood but I lucked out -- I knocked it a couple of times with my rubber mallet and it separated, revealing a giant just screwed right off.
I think this will work out just fine...I may need to hide some weight inside of the shoe forms.  I originally was trying to use some really cute shoes, but Lynn offered me a couple of pairs of these and I like them better for this guy. the legs are what need to be worked on so that I can have as much pre-made on them as possible...they will be tight and close together when they are assembled...hard to plaster cloth around.  I think there is actually enough plaster cloth on them right now -- they are solid wood after all -- and I will just paper them...a lot.
I am starting with two layers of toilet paper overwrap paper on each side...easy to see..."free", since I buy this tissue anyway.
Now moving to two layers on each side of the thin/regular burgundy tissue paper.  I can see where I have papered already.
After an hour's work on each they are drying.  I will check them in a day or two for dryness and see what else I am going to do with them for prep work (because they will not stay this color).

That's actually enough for today -- I am feeling very sore and congested, so it is Benadryl/painkillers time...and I will most likely doze off in a bit in front of tv.  I didn't realize has been slightly raining today off and on and it was 79 damn degrees when I went to the grocery store -- but I just saw on a local friend's Facebook feed that we are getting around 2 inches of SNOW tomorrow.  Ha -- figures!

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