Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 105 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Five

Today I downloaded a free trial version of a photo program that Joanne has used in the past for West of Center that allows the juror to rate the selections as they view them...and then go back through to narrow the choices, and so on.  I was able to find some tutorials on YouTube which helped me a lot, as well as contacting the program's customer service to find an older version that will work with my OS (which is not the most recent).  Whew...computer stuff...but maybe an old dog can learn a few newish tricks after all.

The other thing I'd been thinking about all day was a way to put a sort of a stripey texture onto the rabbit-guy's legs by adding strips of newspaper and then I would (hopefully) have slightly stripey areas that maybe I could paint more easily later on.  Well, it was a bit disappointing but certainly not the end of the world.  Idea fail, yes.  Total abandonment of the project, no.

The idea was to add strips of newspaper to create stripes to paint over.
It turned out that the newspaper isn't as giving and workable as the tissue or art papers.  It took a lot to get the newspaper to become thoroughly wet with the matte medium...and then the trick was to try  to keep it from wrinkling up...hard to see in this photo.
I am hoping that the layer of tissue paper will be able to hide the wrinkles in the newspaper...luckily I only did one surface on one leg.  You can see the wrinkles/problems better in this shot.  And this is the repair shot...LOL.  Oh well, not every idea works out.

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