Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 109 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Nine

Earlier today I was working on drawing a hippocampus-type guy and I was thinking I would reduce the image, simplify it and then do a carving of it. just didn't turn out very well.  I think I am going to let go of the horse-creatures...for now at least.

9 pm-11:30 pm: fingertips!  Sewing with a skinny needle through three layers of card stock and one layer of paper and one layer of Bristol board is not as easy as it was yesterday through just paper and Bristol board.  Man.  And that was after punching all those holes first.  And of course I couldn't stop in between because it was getting late and I knew I wouldn't finish this part if I didn't keep going right then.  So, whew!

I started out by cutting some waves apart from the section and then positioning another section along the bottom edge of the card.
I ended up gluing three pieces of cardstock together with the image on top -- one reason was to make the sea serpent less see-through...
...and the other reason was so that the sea serpent would be a little teensy bit raised off of the waves.
Now to punch a bazillion holes through a lot more layers of cardstock and Bristol board than I did on the first postcard yesterday.  The tool poked through, but it took a lot more pressure and wiggling to pull it back out of the self-healing mat.
But it was working.
Teeth would have been too much for this application I I just punched a line for a forked tongue.  AND I was very happy that the lines on his throat curved a teensy bit -- that is what I was hoping for.
The back of the card. 
I wanted to use two colors of green...light green for all of the vertical lines, including inside the back fins/scales.
I am pretty happy with the card so far -- I'm not sure yet how I will finish it, but I am done for tonight!  (AND I am pretty proud of myself for sticking with it through to the end tonight.)

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