Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 91 - 365/2014

Day Ninety-One

Getting back to Biteyou's background...

I think I have narrowed the paper for the planet behind Biteyou to these three choices...I think.

These are still just mock-ups to find the paper, and I need a larger circle...this is the lid for the wok.
I like this stripey paper a lot.
It is dark enough and yet slightly detailed.
Another choice is this thinner, but busier paper...I like the colors.
Third contender is this heavy and very textured paper.
I like it, but it may be too bright/contrasty -- I'm not sure.

I think whatever paper I end up using, my method will be put it on with matte medium, let it dry.  Poke holes in the edges and either use stitching to attach it or use eyelets...I have tons of eyelets.  Maybe copper colored ones.  Juana gave me some good feedback while she was here today...a lot to think about.

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