Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 100 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred

Today is Second Thursday, but I needed to cancel our regular meeting at my house because I needed to attend the opening reception of Working Artists at Woods Gallery.  I needed to meet up with artist Catherine Peet and curator, Ani Garabedian, to deliver some paper work.  And while Juana and I were there we also met up with Second Thursday members Terri, Janice, and Lisa.  I also got to meet artist Gail Borowski, but I had stashed my camera away in my purse at that point.  It is so great actually meeting people in person who you previously only "knew" on Facebook.

About Working Artists:  

About a year ago artist Catherine Peet and Woods Gallery Coordinator Lisa Grix began discussing the idea of a group show.  One of Catherine Peet's coworkers, Ani Garabedian, jumped in and offered to help curate, and Catherine passed the torch to Ani.

Working Artists is a mixed media exhibition, and includes submissions by artists who work together in the studio at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The artists included in the exhibition are Kia I Arriaga, Angelica Baker, Gail Borowski, Betty Brownlee, Jessy Butts, Kim Ensch, Zak Frieling, Ricardo Javier Garcia-Diaz, Charles Thomas Garling, Jenifer Garrison, Karianne Hollowell, Megan Elizabeth Homanick, Molly Diana Murphy, Catherine Peet, Brian Ritson, Stephanie Sucaet-Felczak and Patrick Wise.

The Working Artists exhibition provides an opportunity for this group of individual and unique artists who work together on a regular basis to showcase their artwork together in one space. As Ani Garabedian, curator of the exhibition explains, “We are all artists who work in a variety of media. The Woods Gallery is providing us with a space to share our work for the first time with not only each other, but also with the general public.”

It was such a thrill for me to meet Catherine Peet in person.  I am a really big fan of her artwork.  I have to admit that I became a bit overwhelmed and started to gush after a little while.  Catherine had some small works available for sale and I was able to snatch one really delightful piece...I am so thrilled.

The gallery was very crowded and it is a bit difficult to take photos without glare, but I managed to catch a few.

Catherine Peet and Lisa Grix
Ani Garabedian and Catherine Peet
"Quintaessencia/Significant Others Series" by Kia I. Arriaga
Juana admiring "The House and Two Trees" by Gail Borowski
"Implosion" by Catherine Peet
"Implosion" detail
"Do You See What I See"" by Kim Ensch
"Orange Security" by Jessy Butts
"Open #9" by Charles Thomas Garling
"La Adelita" by Angelica Morelia Perez
Catherine Peet and her piece I purchased, "Last Life"
"Last Life" by Catherine Peet -- back at my house
I need to do some rearranging, but this is where "Last Life" will be displayed.

Working Artists  runs through May 16, 2014
Woods Gallery  (located in the lower level of the Huntington Woods Public Library)
26415  Scotia
Huntington Woods, MI  48070
(248) 581-2696

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