Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 92 - 365/2014

Day Ninety-Two

Tonight I gritted my teeth and decided it was time to really get a little more serious about finishing some guys if I want to beat a here comes the under-papering and painting.

First, the really long horns guy needed his eyes cleaned/scraped.
The robot-y guy needed a good face scrubbing...I am not sure the plaster cloth sloshes will stay gone...his face is pretty damp here.
I have found that if I cover the raw dry plaster cloth with layers of thin tissue paper the paint goes on smoother...and/or I can "color" with various papers if I decide to because they will adhere better to the tissue paper than to the plaster cloth.
First layer of tissue paper.
The toilet paper I use comes wrapped in tissue paper -- I have a never ending supply and using it this way keeps the tissue overwrap out of the trash.
Now on to the base of the really long horns guy...the paper will cover the sloshes of plaster cloth and the painted wood base.
That's better...I may add more, but for now -- it is much better.
And while I was at it, I put a thin dabbing of Payne's Gray around his eyes and down to his eye balls...I will do detail painting later.
I  know I will never ever get what I am seeing in my head onto the surface of these guys...quite often in the end I just paint them pretty flat.
But it is a start, anyway!

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