Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 108 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Eight

Today I worked on my first postcard for the "Wish You Were Here" postcard show/sale/fundraiser for Paint Creek Center for the Arts.  I have a bunch of ideas and I may make one or two of each idea.  Maybe.

Getting started today...
I knew I had something to poke holes with -- I'm not sure if this is what I had in mind, but it sure pokes holes.
I laid out a design I liked, glued down the stamped and cut-out images of carvings I made a wile ago and then thought about how I wanted to proceed.
I knew I wanted to sew on the card but I wasn't sure how much.  I started with the thought of a line of stitches just inside the heavy line of the carving.
Yep...they went all the way through!
Again, I wasn't sure if I wanted it stitchy...but I felt like the lines weren't rounded enough on the curves of the cloud so...
...I doubled back and made a solid line of stitches.
I liked the cloud so I did the first couple of trees, too.
...then the other group of trees.
I decided that the rabbits had lines that were a little too busy to do the same sort of stitching and I couldn't decide how to adjust it so I am leaving them w/o stitching.
But I felt like the card needed a little more of "something" so I used two colors of pencil to do the edge and put in some hills.
This is what the back of the postcard looks like right now...I will probably add the "poscard" and "place stamp here" designations on with rubber stamps.
Here is the front of the card.  I am pretty happy with it for my first try.

And speaking of Paint Creek -- Juana and I met up with Franciney and had a really nice dinner and then we went to see Donita Simpson's show of photographic portraits of area artists.  Juana is one of the portraits and Donita really captured the essence of Juana in her studio.  It is just great.  All of the portraits are fabulous.

Juana and Donita in front of the portrait of Juana.
Donita Simpson - Portraiture:  Detroit Area Artists    April 18 - May 16

Paint Creek Center for the Arts / First Floor Gallery
407 Pine Street
Rochester, MI  48307
(248) 651-4110
Gallery Hours:  Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm, Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm


Leann said...

This postcard is wonderful, Took, I love it.

Took said...

Thank You, Leann!

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