Sunday, April 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 97

the things I do to avoid painting

If I would just buckle down and get back to it I could finish the painting of the sugar glider-creature and be done with it.  But, no...I have to find a whole laundry list of things to do instead.  I swear I put more energy into avoiding painting than I do in the actual painting.

But I got a bunch of housework done as well as tweaking the plaster cloth hatchling guy.


And I thought while I was in the room I would secure the counterweight I found for the croco-creature -- but my hands are not strong enough to bend the metal strap thing.  I will have to get thinner metal strappy stuff...or have someone with strong hands cut it and bend it.  I can use the drill to secure it.

I painted this cat a long time ago (like when I first moved here) and it was very flat looking.  Juana was kind enough to snazz it up a bit and I hung it in my studio bathroom...I could see it from my desk.  But now I am kind of tired of him and I am looking for a place to move my ceramic tiles so I took him off the wall and decided to repurpose the canvas (and thus avoid painting once more).

Juana and I both like the color of mercurochrome -- this paper reminds me of it
I don't usually use words in these collages but I had a bunch of children's book pages in one of my papers drawers and I wanted to cover the edges of the canvas so I thought I'd give them a go.  I continued them over the edges and onto the back of the frame.  They are sort of ancient yellowed pages and I hope they stay down.
This phrase jumped off of the page at me.  I thought what an odd thing to have in a children's story.  It had to do with a haystack or something.  I think I will title this collage "Ought I not to Burn"?
It will be interesting (as always) to see how this one turns out after the matte medium dries.

That's enough for now.  Who knows...I might end up painting later on after all.

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