Saturday, April 6, 2013

365/2013 - Day 96

making progress

I am very happy to have found the picture of the sugar glider that I thought I lost.  This was the rather remarkable (to me) image of a sugar glider that suddenly made my plaster cloth creature with the big eyes seem not so out of the ordinary...(at least the face/overall look).  There actually IS a real life creature that sort of looks like this...and I had no idea it existed. And I stumbled onto it when I was thinking of making a marsupial for an online show and I Google'd marsupial and Australia and that image was in the results and I was startled to see my guy that had been evolving into this form for such a long time.

and also today...

I finally got up the nerve to try to add the last bit of shading to my foxish-creature collage.  I think it is done...but here is a sneak peek.

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