Friday, April 26, 2013

365/2013 - Day 116

a delightful "girls' night" with Sue and Abby

My sister Sue and I don't get to spend time just fooling around together anymore -- it is usually to run errands or do money-related things that have to be done.  It feels like it has been a long, long time since we just goofed off and had silly fun.  On Monday we made a date to get together tonight with no phones or was great!  And Abby came, too!

Sue and Abby arrived!
I'm glad we figured out how to include Abby.

First we all piled into my car and went to our vet's office to pick up some dog/cat magazines they saved for me, then we went to the Northville Art House and Sue chose a painting from the current show (that closes tomorrow) -- it is a painting of a dog that looks quite a bit like Abby.  (I didn't have my camera with me.) We visited with Joan a little and then went to the drive-thru pharmacy and then we came back to my house and watched three episodes of Adventure Time -- Sue had never seen it before.  Then we ordered/picked up a pizza from The Starting Gate and went to Hiller's on the way home to get a little cherry pie for dessert.
After dinner it was GAMES time!  We only pulled out four games and we rolled a die to choose the games to play.  We ended up not playing Battleship or Sorry.
The first roll got us Yahtzee -- we play three games/lines at a time...if it hadn't been for my two Yahtzees, Sue would have won...she usually does.
The next roll got us a game of our favorite game -- Can't Stop.  (I won.)
The third roll of the die got us a second game of Can't Stop.  Sue nearly skunked me on this one...I only got ONE column!  GOOD GAME!!!
Then we took some time out for dessert and after that we tried our hand(s) at a watercolor project.
We blew drops of watercolor with straws to make abstract paintings and then we looked for images in them.
I found a sort of Ibizan Hound with colorful spots and googly chameleon eyes.  We decided his eyes went googly from trying to choose a color to mimic.
Sue decided not to outline what she was seeing.  After a few minutes Sue was seeing so many images she couldn't decide which one she preferred -- she is taking her painting home to see if Pepper sees anything she found.  Man we had such a fun time with these paintings!
What a great night -- so much laughing and talking and playing and creating and good food and wonderful company.

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