Tuesday, April 30, 2013

365/2013 - Day 120

fooling around 

Tonight I was just fooling around with some cutouts of those waves and clouds and sea monster that I made eraser carvings of for a sea monster ATC series several months ago.  I was trying to make a sort of mock up of what it might look like if I made a shadow box picture with the cutout elements.  This is in no way a completed piece...it is was just to give me a sample of how it might look.  Obviously the whole thing needs a lot of work and a lot more carving.

I have a small stack of much deeper shadow boxes and they are what I would use if/when I really do this project with more attention.  For this example I pulled apart a fairly shallow framed piece I bought at a garage sale with the intention of playing with the mats.

This is just paper cutouts with stacked paper stock underneath to prop up the cutouts.  When/if I really do this project I will print the carvings on heavier paper stock or watercolor paper and take much more care with the dimensions.  But for tonight, this was a fun process!

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