Wednesday, April 3, 2013

365/2013 - Day 93

another lovely Wednesday Morning 

I really love Wednesday Mornings with Joan and Leann!  (satisfied sigh)

I started out by trying to figure out a way to paint little dots.  I tried the ends of a couple of paint brushes, the eraser end of a pencil, a broken in half cotton swab, and a spongey sort of paint brush.  I think it is just going to come down to doing it very very slowly and totally concentrating on each dot -- like meditation or something.

After that I moved on to carving little stamps that I may be able to use on a different plaster cloth guy.  I had been considering doing this, but because Leann was carving stamps (an alphabet) I had to copy her and work on the carving.  

All too quickly it was time for Joan and Leann to go on about their days and I left my materials on the table so I could come back to work on the carvings some more.  Funny thing is...I went back to it about a half hour after they left and I am just NOW "done" (5:15 p.m.)...where does the time go???

I don't know how many of these carvings will be useful on the plaster cloth guy, but they will be useful overall.


Leann said...

Oh, Took these are wonderful!!

Took said...

Thanks, Leann! Especially coming from you that means a lot -- I also see that YOU did more carving today -- I wish I had your skills with alphabets!

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