Friday, April 5, 2013

365/2013 - Day 95 (part two)

more painting

I kept walking past the sugar glider-creature and stressing about how I was going to proceed with the painting and the dots.  Then I just said "this is going to get away from you and you will not have enough time to finish before the submission deadline if you don't just DO something...anything."

So I did.

I printed out four sugar glider pictures and I squeezed out a little white, black and Payne's gray and just tried not to think about it.  Then "they" arrived and I kinda trance out and everything was fine.
Now I have something to work on.  The dots will show up better on the lighter color field.  I wasn't too concerned with how precise I was/wasn't around the circles and dots because the next layer of dots will butt right up to the ocher dots.  It will be interesting to see what comes next over the grayish base.

I prefer the gray(er) sugar glider colors over the beige(r) ones.  Obviously this is not meant to be an actual sugar glider.  I didn't even know what one looked like when I was making this guy...he just sort of evolved into his present form...then when I was trying to do something for an online show of marsupials I saw my first sugar glider and man -- it sure reminded me of this guy.  I had heard the name sugar glider before, I just didn't know what they looked like and I sure didn't know they were marsupials.  Anyway...that's his back story (the short version).

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