Wednesday, April 24, 2013

365/2013 - Day 114

papering another guy

It was another wonderful Wednesday Morning with Joan and Leann. 

I started working on this guy yesterday and so I set up my spot and waited for Joan and Leann to arrive.

And they arrived -- within minutes of each other!

This is the spot I am going to try to keep track of to show the progress of smoothing out the surface.
My tissue wrappers are torn up and ready to go -- Joan and Leann are working on their projects -- Joan is working on a textile collage and Leann is carving erasers this morning.
I like working on papering plaster cloth guys when we have our Wednesday Mornings because I keep working longer than I would in the, I can spread out on this plastic table while the cats are happy and snuggly in the bedroom.
First layer done...take a short break.  I kept working after Joan and Leann left.
Throughout the day I would work on him a little bit at a time -- giving areas time to dry so I could keep adding more paper.
I like how he changes during the paper layers...he looks SO different with each color.
Here is the spot I am trying to keep track of -- this is with pretty much the whole thing covered in a layer of pink paper now, with just a small section of blue paper (I ran out of the pink and was too lazy to go and look for more in the studio.)
And here he is with the third layer of paper -- blue.
This is the spot -- wet.
This is the spot -- dry.  You can see that the surface is still fairly rough but the three paper layers have mad a difference.  Still several layers to go to get it smooth.

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