Tuesday, April 16, 2013

365/2013 - Day 106

surface prep

Today I have been applying tissue paper to the surface of the hatchling guy.  Unlike painting, I really enjoy applying using matte medium to adhere little bits of paper to the plaster cloth...I like the repetition and the act of smoothing out the paper as I go along.

the tissue paper I am using for this is actually the wrappers of individual rolls of Scott tissue
I usually only use the white parts of this paper and I usually tear the pieces so that I don't get straight-cut edges.  Because I will be painting over it I am not worried about all that...this is simply being used for smoothing the surface.  The lumps and bumps are still mainly there, but the surface feels nice and smooth instead of jagged and rough.
on to the underside!
the hatchling guy back in the wet plaster cloth studio to dry overnight

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