Thursday, April 25, 2013

365/2013 - Day 115

oh well -- maybe next time

I said I'd report back on the two shows I submitted work to.  The results were posted tonight for The Scarab Club's upcoming exhibition "2013 Blooms, Bugs, Beasts".  The three pieces I submitted for consideration were not accepted.  I didn't really think any would get in, but I wanted to give it a shot ...maybe next time!  

Congratulations to the artists whose work was accepted!  I'd like to go and see the show during its run.

Here are the photos from the CD I submitted.

"Djubi"  (view B)
"Djubi"  (view B)
"Foxish Thoughts"  collage
"Keeper of Secrets"  (view A)
"Keeper of Secrets"   (view B)

The results for the other show will be announced next week (I think).

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