Wednesday, April 17, 2013

365/2013 - Day 107

quick -- before the lightning starts again

I need to post quickly and then turn off the computer -- there is a lot of lightning right now and I want to blog now in case we lose power later.  AND I just don't like being on the computer (or using the phone) with lightning going on.

This was another lovely, delightful Wednesday Morning with Leann and Joan.  They worked on their stuff and I worked on putting on a couple more layers of tissue paper on the hatchling guy.

let's get started!
the print from the Scott tissue wrappers makes him look like he is smiling
he looks sort of cute like this
now for the underside
enough for today with this type of paper
the Cat King and Quillz are pals now
oof -- Quillz looks tuckered out after the photo shoot

Yikes -- the lightning is closer and brighter and the thunder is closer.  Gotta go!

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