Tuesday, January 8, 2013

365/2013 - Day 8

sea monsters ready for trading

The theme of this month's Artist Trading Cards group exchange is:  sea monsters.

I assembled my cards tonight and then reduced them by half to the correct size for ATCs.  I also flipped three of the designs...kinda cheaty pants for me...but I like how they look.  
Yesterday's blog entry shows a bit of how I was printing multiple copies of eraser carvings I made and then cutting them out and today I assembled the cut pieces into designs.

I did 5 designs and 3 flipped designs.

design #1

design #2 flipped

design #2 original

design #3

design #4 flipped

design #4 original

design #5 original

design #5 flipped

All of the cards in both sizes.

No Tookies tonight -- I am too wiped out.

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