Sunday, January 6, 2013

365/2013 - Day 6

third try might be the one

It has been a while since I worked on the stripey sewn-together-piece-of-fabric guy so that is what I have been doing for most of the day and evening.

I needed to make a head for this guy.  I decided to try to make my own pattern.

After about four messed up ones, I ended up with this.

I was trying to base it on this pinned-together head that I left off with.

I used some scrap pieces of t-shirt material (now that I know the designs do show through).

So this is how head number one turned out.   It needs to have the spikes attached to it.

Trying to figure out how big of a triangle I need to make.

Hmmm...putting the triangle on the bottom kind of makes it look like a lower jaw.

But doesn't really work too well.  I think the roundy part is too roundy...Try again.

A new shape and a (sort of) triangle to go with it.

Trying the triangle on the bottom...nope...looks too reptilian.

Triangle on the top...needs shaping...

After squeezing and pushing the cotton stuffing around I got the idea to squeeze the muzzle a little and try sewing a slanted line to gather the fabric in.  Maybe it will work.

Hey -- not too bad.  It kind of gave him a nose shape and a slight mouth.

Looks a little badger-y to me.  I think I like it.

But now I don't have enough of the orange color changing t-shirt material left.

Think about it and try again.

Hey!  I have quite a bit of the fabric I used for the legs.  Maybe a head made of the same fabric wouldn't be too bad.  A little busier than I had planned on...also it won't be as stretchy.  I will give it a go.

A lot of sewing later...

Not too bad...not too bad at all.  

Now I need to insert the spikes.

I was having trouble making a pattern of the outline of the spikes so that I could cut a hole in the head.  

Then I tried sitting the spikes piece on the copier -- I figured I could cut paper more easily and get a feeling of what I needed to do.

About four tries later...

I figured it out.  I need to reposition the spikes -- they are only tacked in, but now I have an idea of what to do.

The spikes are still just tacked in -- I have had enough of trying to figure this out for one day.  At this moment I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

I like my seams a whole lot.

I just cut out a couple of fabric circles and dotted them with a pen -- they are not attached.  The ears are just folded fabric pinned on.  This is just to get an idea of how I could do the eyes and ears.

He is turning out cuter than I was expecting.  But I am done for today.

Oh -- and no Tookies for today -- I need to give my hand a break.

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