Friday, January 18, 2013

365/2013 - Day 17ish

another crossover day (but it's still Thursday night to me)

I tried fighting it...but it was finally easier to give in and do what I was feeling like I had to do.  I am not sure how helpful it is overall, but now I am really worn out and satisfied and I can probably go to bed a lot earlier tonight.

My Universal collaborators were poking at me so I ended up having to poke at the black sheep-creature.  In sketches and in my head I have been leaning more towards the solid-color young camel-like creature.  Here is how it went for the last couple of hours...

how it started out

 I tried to think of how I could add a hump shape

I thought the nuts container would sit easier on the creature's back if I sawed the side off of the container.  I had no idea just how handy this saw was going to turn out to be when I originally bought it to saw metal rods off of the tomato cages.


In between these stages I covered the nuts container with masking tape so it would look solid because I was having trouble picturing it.  Then I decided to give the dishwasher packet container a try because it wouldn't be too difficult to cut.

 saw...saw...saw...but more quickly than the plastic...

 okay...but I can't see the humpy shape so well...gotta work on it some more

while I was cutting and re-cutting and taping...  

...this started to remind me of something else -- duh! -- but it also meant a trip down to the basement...dammit
duhrrrrrrr -- but I am NOT cutting more metal tonight! 
...but sure makes the hump shape smoother!
I put the cardboard hump back on but couldn't picture I had to cover it all up to look solid
another temporary view
hmmm...I might be starting to "get" it...needs lots more work, but not tonight             

Man -- it is SO frustrating to me on nights like this when the blog template doesn't match up when I load on the photos and I have to figure out a different way of doing things...on top of trying to get my ideas onto the page before I forget what I did.  Just sayin'.

But now it is done...I fooled around with the creature and the hump(s) and I got around the photo/words hiccup...and blogged I can start to wind down and go to bed.  YAY!

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