Thursday, January 24, 2013

365/2013 - Day 24

plaster cloth to the rescue

Tonight I need a "job" where I can sit and work.  I am really hurting again today and I just cannot stand to do anything.

I settled on dragging this guy into the "plaster cloth studio" and covering his fill-in layer.

I cut a whole lot of long strips of plaster cloth -- the way they come out of the box -- and just sat and applied one on top of the next until I made my way around this tiger-ish guy four times.  Then I connected the "shoulders" and head by putting a couple of strips around his neck to cover up the old orange paper.  You can still see the orange on his ears, but that's okay for now.

In photo #2 you can see the sort of thing that is underneath all of the masking tape...this was the first project where I decided to fill in the gaps and empty spaces with wadded up plastic wrappings and least they won't end up in a garbage dump or landfill (right away).

This stage of the tiger-ish guy isn't meant to be anything in particular, I was just tired of looking at the masking tape.  Hopefully this will stiffen all of that stuff up and make it solid enough to add on to later on.

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