Wednesday, January 16, 2013

365/2013 - Day 16

a bunch of stuff

Chugga chugga, chugga chugga, screeeeeee -- crash!  That's the sound of the Tookies production train falling off the tracks.  I came into the studio this afternoon to gather the boxes together and start printing labels, etc. only to find that I had forgotten about all of those Penciled In artpacks I sent in last time and I am incredibly low on my supply of boxes.  I have to order more -- so that puts the Tookies on hold for now.

In the meantime --  This morning Joan, Leann and I finally got a chance to meet up for Wednesday Morning at Joan's (only not at Joan's house).  It  has been SO long since we have met for our little group -- it was so great to talk and catch up!  Leann also suggested a sort of field trip for next week -- I can't wait!

Leann and Joan at Tuscan Cafe this morning.

And Leann had this fabulous art quilt for me (Joan got one of Leann's voodoo boxes).  This piece was in a fiber arts challenge by the Running With Scissors group called "Above & Below".  After it's initial exhibit at Two Twelve Arts Center in Saline, MI the show moved to the library out there.  This is the first chance Leann has had to get our pieces to us. 

Here is a detail of one of the flowers in the "above" portion of the piece.

I LOVE the roots and skeleton in the "below" section.


Later on I had my first physical therapy session for my bum knee.  After that I made a very quick trip to Michael's to pick up a couple of wooden balls with flat bottoms for the black sheep-creature.

I think these will work well as feet/bases for the legs of the creature.  The tubes are a bit uneven and I need to adjust the heights and gaps between the balls and edges of the legs.

This is how it looked when I tried it out.

Tonight I also needed to remove the head of the creature so that I can make the neck longer.

Again, I felt pretty bad about doing this to someone else's artwork.

It was not easy cutting through the neck.  It turned out there was chicken wire inside, as well as thicker wire inside of that.

That was a lot of work sawing the pieces apart.

I think I found the element I will use as the base of the new construction -- an empty salt container I had in my stash.   It is just about the right thickness, it won't take too much building up to match the head and body.

It is also a pretty good length for the extension.

After finding the salt container I moved on to doing the prep work of adding the wooden balls to the legs.   I used that tacky stuff and then masking tape.

This is the one that has the biggest gap between the leg and ball.  I only filled in two sections with the tacky stuff.  I want to really work some plaster cloth into this one.

This was another time consuming (and upside down) step.  I was pretty physically worn out after this so I took a break and watched some television.

Apparently I dozed off in front of the tv because I startled myself awake and found that it was 11 p.m. already!  I have been fairly limited with this stupid knee injury and I have been taking it pretty easy for the last month and a half or so.  I guess all of today's activities wore me out more than I realized -- LOL.   I am going to attach the balls to the legs tonight but I wanted to come in and get this blog entry posted before my midnight deadline.  What a great day!

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