Sunday, January 20, 2013

365/2013 - Day 20

a few things...

I woke up feeling like I wanted to try to paint something on a canvas, but for me that meant I should practice drawing first...see what happens.  I tried drawing an outline of a bear and then filling it in.  Meh...not so much.  At least not today.

Later on I wanted to give the camel-creature a least a first try.  I used wadded up plastic bags and masking tape.  At first I was trying to give it a sort of human-y nose, but it didn't really turn out that way so I kept building up the bags to go with a more camel-like face.

Not too bad, not too bad...but I decided I needed to think about it some more throughout the day before I added plaster cloth.

So I moved on to working on the sewn-together-piece-of-fabric guy -- it has been a while and he has been poking at me.  I ended up making his arms but I decided against giving him claws or fingers because there is just so much else going on with this guy.  Then I did a drawstring (maybe temporary) closure on his neck and used a pen and a clamp and string to hang him from the hook on the inside of the studio bathroom door so I could take photos.  I couldn't hold him far enough away and take a picture and get his whole body in the shot.

Okay -- so then I was at that in-between time of the evening where it is still too early to feed the cats (or make my dinner) but too late to start something big.  Ha -- I figured if only layered on a few pieces of plaster cloth on the camel-creature, I could get an idea of how his face is actually looking and still be able to pull it all off tomorrow if I decide I don't like it.

I think maybe he is starting to take shape just fine.  I am certainly not trying to do anything realistic with this guy.  I will leave it like this and see how I feel about it tomorrow.  I don't want his head to get too much larger.

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