Friday, January 11, 2013

365/2013 - Day 11

more Tookies and starting to think about the house pages

Today's ten Tookies finger puppets --

No matter how many I make, they are never the same.
Looks like there are a couple of shy Tookies in this batch.

The Tookies jar -- 65 down, 35 to go!

I am starting to put some ideas on paper for the "house" project at the ATC Exchange Group.  The ten of us participating in this side project will each make ten 4"x6" (horizontal) pages and we will get nine back in exchange and then we will have a total of ten pages to bind together into a little book (leaving a half-inch margin on the left side for the binding).

This is one very basic idea I have.  Something like the front of an apartment house with doors and windows that open to reveal stuff going on inside.  These are very rough sketches.

The thing is, I have so many ideas and so many materials in my studio that I have rarely used -- that'd be perfect for this project.  Sometimes having such open subjects is a problem for me...We can interpret the term "house" in any way that strikes us.  I have a whole lot of ideas...maybe I will make ten totally different pages...or maybe I will develop several and then choose my very favorite one.  But then again, collage and eraser carving both would be great for this project, too.

I have lofty ideas of making pop-up features or sliding things, etc.  Those may not happen.  I am excited about this project and I hope my pages come out the way I see them in my head.  I can't wait to see everybody's pages!  The pages are due at the next meeting in February.  We will bind our pages that night at Scrappy Chic.


Deb Harvey said...

Love your Tookies, and your sketches! Very colorful and fun!

Took said...

Thanks very much, Deb!

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