Friday, January 25, 2013

365/2013 - Day 25

lining up art plans for the weekend

Whoa -- I nearly slept through my midnight blogging deadline.  The second dose of Benadryl kicked in and I have been nodding/napping for the last few hours.  Another day of a lot of knee and leg pain (both legs) with the added bonus of sinus headache and allergy symptoms.  I. got. nothing. done.

But -- a two-box shipment arrived from Artists in Cellophane today.  One box is full of new art for both of my Art-o-mat machines.  The other contains the 100 white pre-glued boxes that I needed to complete this batch of Tookies. 

This evening I took the Atomic Fireball Happy Hour guy into the plaster cloth room to work on him.  That didn't happen either -- but now my work is cut out for me for the weekend.  That, plus gesso coating the cat-ish king and working some more on the camel-like guy.

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