Tuesday, January 15, 2013

365/2013 - Day 15

this batch of Tookies is done!

Yay -- 100 (actually, 102) Tookies are completed!  Okay...the finger puppets are done, now I need to do the label printing, packaging, insert printing, figure out what I will weight the box with this time, stuff the boxes, wrap the cellophane around the boxes, pack them for shipping...and ship them.  Heh...yeah, still quite a bit to do before I am ready to send them on to Artists in Cellophane (Art-o-mat HQ).  But...100 (+2) are done!!!

 The Tookies finger puppets -- done!

65 in the jar and 37 in the small bin.

All of the Tookies finger puppets together.

And...I have been fooling around with reference pictures and sketches for possibilities for the black sheep-creature.

I could extend his neck and nose and face shape and try to turn him into a llama-creature.

Or maybe a camel-creature.

(The sketch is still a llama-ish guy.)

Or maybe a young solid-color camel-ish guy.

I don't know yet.

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