Monday, January 28, 2013

365/2013 - Day 28

gluing labels

I don't know why I always think I am going to just zip through the putting labels on the boxes step of assembling the Tookies for shipment to Art-o-mat.  Gluing on all of those labels takes a long time.  It took two entire glue sticks and the start of a third.

I started with the label that goes on the block of MDF stating that the block is added as weight for vending.

Then I got to work on the top of the box labels.

Next I started gluing on the two end labels -- the ones that show in the columns in the machines.

There was one hitch...this time around I cut the end labels with the paper cutter, hoping to get more uniform sizes and straighter edges.

What I ended up with was having to cut them all down by hand anyway.  Wah-waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

After the end labels were all done, I moved on to the side label that cautions Finger Puppets are not meant for young kids or pets.  

I worry that young kids with put the puppets in their mouths or that pets could grab them and chew them.  The button eyes are very small and I doubt that the various yarns and fibers are meant to be eaten or chewed.

There -- the boxes are all done.  Now I need to turn my attention to assembling the things that go inside of the boxes. 

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