Tuesday, January 22, 2013

365/2013 - Day 22

one more thing from last night, an incredibly inspirational day, and LOTS of photos

Okay -- because I couldn't leave it alone -- one more creature emerged from the layers of the collage to join the panda-ish guy and the fox-ish/badger-ish guy.  And to document (for myself) and make it easier for anyone else looking at this (right now) I isolated and traced the three characters so that it is easier to see what the heck it is I am seeing in this mishmash...and then maybe anyone (who isn't me) can look at the collage and see the guys.

(still having some trouble with the photo uploading thing, so I am not putting descriptions with each photo)

The new character is on the far left and it is his arm (not the panda-ish guy) that is sticking out straight.  The new guy's nose and mouth are hidden by his outstretched arm...I am not sure yet what he is.

Now, on to the new stuff --

Today Leann, Joan, Julia, and I went on an inspirational art outing.  It didn't matter that today was the coldest day of this winter so far with minus double digit wind chills...we needed to go today!

First we had lunch at Woodbridge Pub -- really great food -- and next to it is The Shack Community Garden.

Then we headed out to the main destination -- Olayami Dbals' MBAD African Bead Museum.

It is hard to do photographic justice to the magnificence of all of the buildings and installations and artwork and beads and atmosphere and...and...and...you really MUST go and see all of this in person.  These are just a very few pictures because it was so cold and my camera couldn't keep up and there was just so much to see.  We will be going back in the spring...hopefully I can document it better then.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on these photos and do check out the website.

Wow...absolutely breathtaking!

After my pals dropped me back at my house it was time to call up another new pal --  

Kate Paul -- and ask her to bring over her amazing painting that Sue and I bought me for my birthday.

I fell in total love with "Earning My Stripes" the first time I saw the small detail of it on one of Kate's business cards.  I told her right then I sincerely needed to purchase it.  

I don't have the words to fully describe how much I love this painting and how meaningful it is to me.  I am just in awe of Kate and her vision and imagery.  This is where we parked the painting when Kate brought it over.  We sat and talked for a bit.  After Kate left I moved the painting to its new permanent spot.  Gawd I love this tiger woman!

I know...I know...and this is only a handful of the photos I took of my new painting.

What. a. day.  I am so blissfully exhausted.

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