Saturday, January 12, 2013

365/2013 - Day 12

quick trip to the Art House, then 37 Tookies get "hair"

The art in the Art-o-mat machine in Royal Oak needs to be refreshed (but I am waiting on a tiny art order) -- and I needed to make a quick trip to the Northville Art House to switch out some art in that machine (to take to Royal Oak).  Since this was day two of unseasonably warm weather and the snow/ice is all gone, I thought I had better make a break for it and get up to the Art House.

Having this bum knee, I have been sticking close to home a lot -- especially during slippy I missed seeing James Oury's snow sculpture "Spike the Dinosaur".  

I borrowed this photo from the Northville Art House's Facebook page.

Ohhhh...sad face...this is all that is left of Spike.

Carla showing me how Spike used to look.

While I was at the Art House I wanted to see Patricia Candor's show, "Hiding In Plain Sight", in the upper gallery -- but by the time I had taken the door off of the machine and put it back on again, my knee was pretty much done...I couldn't make the trip up the stairs.  Maybe next time!

In today's Tookies news...I decided to give the remaining 37 Tookies their "hair", rather than just completing my self-imposed daily limit of ten finger puppets.  I am glad I did it, but wow -- I am feeling it in my shoulders and arms -- that is a lot of pulling on yarn!

It took about the same amount of time to do all the hair versus completing ten puppets...but it really made a difference physically.  At least my hands aren't hurting...LOL.

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