Sunday, June 12, 2011

okay...I'm back with a new computer!

Woah -- Lots of stuff happened while I was computer-less.

I have been away from the blog from Day 149 (Sunday, May 29) until today, Day 163 (Sunday, June 12). At this point, and in light of some of the recent events, I think I will just resume posting to the blog and leave the missing block of days/entries out. I am feeling really overwhelmed at the monumental task of trying to play Catch Up and come up with 14 blog entries. Since the purpose of my 365 Project is a personal Creative Progress Report, I think I will do what feels "right" for me.

Hmmm...ways I can allow myself to do this:
  • make a list of all the art I worked on during the computer/blog downtime
  • choose my favorite things
  • start fresh with the blog as of today
  • add an item or two from the list to each upcoming blog post
  • quit beating myself up

Yep -- that's it. That's how I will do it.


Woodie said...

Yes . Forward is best! Glad you are back up and running!

Took said...

Thanks, Woodie -- I feel so much better already! I really like/need to be accountable to the daily blog posts.

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