Monday, June 13, 2011

365 Day 164

Relief printing class #3

fox woman that emerged from an "automatic" drawing in my sketch book

ight we chose one of our drawings from our sketch books and made a transfer with tracing paper and charcoal and applied it to the golden carving material. This material is a lot stiffer than the other soft material and feels so different to carve. It takes a lot more power and it really makes your hands and finger tips tired easily...but it is very worth it.

At the end of class we took some time to write about what we are doing. We will use this as a tool for writing an artist statement later on.

I am pretty happy with the way the creatures are coming out of the "automatic" drawings I have been doing at home. I could never have just sat down and drawn any of them. But I noticed tonight that after I have worked with the image for a while, I can almost make a freehand rough sketch of it when I need to. Pretty cool.

the fox woman tracing

the image transferred to the carving block

the first stage of my carving -- just before test inking

test printing of the see where I want to go with it

the sketch I made on the paper table covering...I can almost draw the fox woman freehand now -- at least enough for me to recognize the basic shape

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