Sunday, June 12, 2011

365 Day 163

We finally did it!

Juana and Anita and I have been wanting/planning to get together and share art supplies, talk, have lunch, just hang out, make stuff, etc. for months...we finally managed to all be available at the same time yesterday!

Juana and Anita came out here to Northville to my house. We went to lunch and made a stop over at the Northville Art House to see the West of Center show and also to look at the banner from William Hessian's Miniature Art Hunt. (More about the Art Hunt in upcoming blog posts.)
And we also grabbed a tasty beverage from Solid Grounds Coffeehouse and Anita tried the Art-o-mat machine for the first time.

We want to do this sort of thing on a more regular basis and we already discussed our next get together. We had such a great time!

Juana and Anita looking through the art supplies

Anita just happened to have these two Hey Diddle Diddle items in her trading stash and said I could take them -- I collect Hey Diddle Diddle things

more stuff I got from Anita

some of Anita's collage elements -- Juana and Anita and I all do collage, but we all have such different styles

more stuff I chose -- for future projects

Twink comes up to say hi to Anita

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