Tuesday, June 14, 2011

365 Day 165

PLENTY to keep me busy!

I need to get down to work -- I have quite a bit to do! Two Art-o-mat series and plaster cloth pieces for a couple of upcoming local shows that I hope to submit work for.

These are the Penciled In blocks (for Art-o-mat) that I have to finish off. I transfer my images onto the small blocks and Juana Moore brings them to life with incredible color combinations. Now I need to paint the edges of the blocks, finish making the little hangers for the backs and print out the labels. We made 100 blocks this time!

Yep, more Kettle-y goodness! Kettle (John Soukup) and I team up for the Art-o-mat series called KT Goodlove. Kettle paints his characters (lots of pickles, girls, and rabbits) on the blocks then I add my collage elements. There are 50 of these to do.

These are 9 plaster cloth guys I am working on for the Small(er) show at the Detroit Artists Market. I hope I get the majority of them done in time for the submissions deadline!

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