Tuesday, June 21, 2011

365 Day 172

Evolution of a plaster cloth dog-ish guy

August 31, 2010 -- that is when I made the very base of this plaster cloth guy. It started out as a balloon covered with aluminum foil sitting on top of a hard paper mailing tube covered with aluminum foil.

At the time I formed the basic shape I thought it was going to be a cat who was hearing something.

Even after I gave it the first coat of plaster cloth (my old preferred brand) I thought it was a cat -- with its ears cocked back -- hearing something.

It sat on the "do-something-with-this-later" shelf for quite a while in this form.

Then I decided I wanted to make something big with one of my upside down tomato cages. The neck of this guy fit down nicely onto the legs of the tomato cage and the more I looked at it, the more I realized it need to be some sort of canine creature.

I gave it a yogurt cup nose and rounder cheeks.

It sat on the tomato cage for quite a bit while I was working on Chime Cat. Neglected, but not forgotten.

Every time I gave any attention to the head, I thought it needed to be more dog-like.

I love sight hounds. I have owned/been owned by a borzoi and several Irish wolfhounds. I also love Ibizan hounds and Pharaoh hounds. I love a dog with a l-o-n-g nose and also tall pointy ears.

This dog creature is morphing into some sort of Ibizan hound-inspired guy.

Much to my amusement, the yogurt cup has had a larger cottage cheese container fitted over it and the ears are getting taller and straighter.

It is not quite there yet...

and I know this shot has an equine look to it (but it is the shadows and bad lighting...in person it looks more dog-like)

...and it is going to be set aside for a bit again while I complete the smaller things I am working on ... but I WILL get back to it and it WILL be more sight hound looking in the end.

I just wanted to document how this guy has evolved...so far.

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