Wednesday, June 15, 2011

365 Day 166

tweaking plaster cloth guys

I am feeling a little bit off today (I think it is allergies) but I wanted to do SOMEthing.

I started painting some clear glass dots for eyes.

Then I started tweaking a few of the plaster cloth guys that I have been making as submissions for a couple of local shows. I originally started out with 10 possible guys for the show Small(er) at DAM, but a few of them have outgrown the guideline size. I will continue to work on them, but they will maybe go to a different show.

This is the guy with the bumps on him. He started out the day with just the large green glass facial features. So far, he has got a somewhat humanoid thing going on. I'm not sure if he will keep it. I also added another bump on his forehead. All of the bumps are actually glass beads covered over with the plaster cloth.

The horizontal guy with the orange glass eyes is the wowl I am making for Juana. I gave him eyelids and a little more shape and more of an apron. He still needs work.

Today I changed this guy's facial features to look more like a bear. It is hard to see in the photo, but in person it actually does look kinda bearish.

I don't have any photos of this guy with just his glass eyes, but he was creeping me out -- looking like some sort of crazed baby I changed him.

This is the former crazed baby a creature with ears, a longer face and two horns...except this photo only shows one horn...kind of rhino-ish right now...this is one of the guys who is now too tall for the Small(er) show.

What have I learned today from working with the plaster cloth? I learned that if I am not totally feeling it, I should leave it alone. For me the plaster cloth is best when I am eager to get to it and then something else takes I was forcing it and I am not all that thrilled with the results. They are not wholly horrible, but it wasn't a F*U*N felt like work.

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