Tuesday, June 28, 2011

365 Day 179

painting plaster cloth guys

Okay, I bit off more than I could chew when I made all of those plaster cloth guys for (potential) submission to that local show. The one where you can have up to twelve entries.

I am so NOT a painter. I would like to be able to finish these guys more quickly, but I can't. I am fairly happy with today's results with experimenting with Montana Gold spray paint, but I am not skilled with paint, mixing/blending colors, etc...yet. I can't expect to be able to just pick up a new tool and know how to use it right off the bat.

I want to be happy with these guys -- I have put a lot of work into them so far -- so I am going to keeping plugging away at them but I won't have any of them ready in time for the submissions deadline for that particular show. Oh well.
There is another show with a July 15th submission deadline. I can probably get something completed in time for that one.

you can't tell from these photos, but there are quite a number of layers of paint on these guys so far...LOL

(Update: oooooh man -- these guys are intensely painty smelling...gotta take them out to the garage! I sprayed them outside and brought them in to dry and take photos...LOTS of off-gassing going on! They are in the guest bathroom with the door closed and I am in my studio with the door closed and I can smell them in here!)

I like how this one is starting out, but I was really surprised that a lot of the paint is rubbing off near the base

this one really looks different in person

And it is not like all is lost. The student show that my relief print will be in is coming up on July 9th -- I am really looking forward to that!


Annie said...

I like your art - I just saw it today on EBSQ's blogger of the day. I'll be interested to see how the cloth plaster guys turn out.

Annie said...

Forgot to ask... is the Art-O-Mat in Kalamazoo at the Park Trades Center? I think that's where the Tiny Studio is. I'm just south of there in Schoolcraft and when we go to the next Art Hop, I'll see if I can find the machine. Annie

Took said...

Thanks, Annie!

Took said...

Yep...Tiny Studio is in the Park Trades Center!

Annie said...

Ok, will check it out!

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