Sunday, June 12, 2011

365 Day 163 (extra bit)

I'm doing SOMEthing with this thing today!

I brought this decorative twirling sprinkler thing home from a garage sale last year intending to use it for its original purpose. Of course I never got around to it and it has languished on my back porch since then...including wintering out there.

Just now when I came in from strewing some foxglove seeds and half-planting some lupine seeds (my only stab at "gardening" this year -- maybe they will magically grow on their own) -- I decided I couldn't walk past this thing again and I brought it in the house to the studio.

It seems fitting to use an upside down tomato cage for the base of it. I did not think that masking tape would secure it to the cage, but it did...LOL.

Later on I will sit with it and let the plaster cloth dictate what it might become. Right now, all I know is that the twirly sun shape is the creature's crown.

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