Thursday, June 16, 2011

365 Day 167

busy work...but done, yay!

In between errands today and this evening I made the 100 (plus about 10 extra) twisted wire hangers for the backs of the Penciled In blocks that Juana Moore and I collaborate on for our Art-o-mat series.

three colors of doubled over and twisted 24-gauge wire in three, black and green

t style="font-style: italic;">they look pretty cool all piled together

The next thing I need to do with the hangers is to decide if I will affix them with tiny copper colored tacks (as in past series) or if I will give the heavy duty staple gun a go this time. Either way, I need to cut the length down and make little loops at the ends.

the spools of wire, pen that I wrap the wire around to make the loop, cutter and pliers...and the 100+ completed hangers

After this, I need to paint the edges of the blocks for a more finished look.

I still need to print out the main labels and the end labels for the boxes.

Then Juana and I sign the backs and pack them into the boxes and wrap them in "cellophane" and then they are packed up for shipping off to Artists in Cellophane (Art-o-mat HQ) for distribution to Art-o-mat machines across the country.

So basically there is still quite a ways to go with these...LOL.

JUST ADDED: this is how the hangers look on the backs of the blocks for Penciled In.
Here is a link for the Penciled In blog.


Pacific College Mom said...

How will you use them?

Took said...

They go on the backs of the blocks that Juana and I make for our Art-o-mat series called "Penciled In".

I added a photo to the post.

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