Sunday, June 19, 2011

365 Day 170

guys get eyes and a bearish creature gets more roughed in

Today I cleaned up the overspray on the "eyes" I made yesterday. I really like them. Some of these plaster cloth guys will get glass eyes and some will just have painted on eyes because their faces are smaller.

one of the green eyes with the overspray

it cleaned up better than I was hoping for!

this wolfish guy will get the orange/green eyes

placing the eyes...which is left and which is right?

he's getting some personality now

this is an I-don' creature

hmmm...I still don't know...but I like him!

and the bear with the twirly sprinkler thing crown gets roughed in ears and plaster cloth'd all over his head

this is my first really really sculpted plaster cloth guy...most of my other guys have had pretty flat faces and really round heads

it is a good thing that these are made up creatures (not specific animals) because I can maybe have a little more leeway on the shapes

 I am off to work on my relief carving for tomorrow's class. I am not sure how much actual carving I will do tonight but I will be trying to imagine the background for the fox woman creature. I may do some more drawing in my sketch book, too. I am eager for class tomorrow evening!

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