Monday, June 13, 2011

365 Day 164 (extra bit)

three carvings and test prints

I made these 3 carvings and test prints last week while my computer was dead, and after the Miniature Art Hunt.

I want to thank William Hessian for showing me the "automatic" drawing technique he uses/teaches some times. It has really helped me a lot.

I left these carvings unfinished so that I could get input in class on where to go with them next -- what kind of background to do, etc. The test prints are made with heavy sketch book paper and old ink...not the best materials for printmaking, but at least I could get an idea of how the carvings look. I am very happy with them. Especially the bear-like creature.

This sort of lost and sad looking guy emerged on the day I lost my wonderful new cat, Lord Jagged. We were truly soulmates. After only ten days it turned out that he was extremely ill and had to be euthanized. I was/am crushed.

I really love this bear-like creature.

I know I will leave the arms white, but I may give it a furry looking design.

see...I would NEVER be able to just sit down and draw something like this

this guy will probably get a few small changes, but I like his spotted coat


williamhessian said...

Took! I love these! I really really do. The sad guy is really powerful to me. and the cat creature is really awesome, and i wish i had created him. The bear has so much character, these are extremely successful. Great work

Took said...

thanks -- I truly couldn't be doing this without your tips!

Leann said...

These prints are great! It's wonderful when a project gets better with every step instead of worse. Amazing work!

Woodie said...

all of these have such personality and emotion. thanks for sharing, Took. Sorry to hear about your furry friend. :-( It's so sad when we have to say goodbye to the creatures we love.

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