Saturday, June 18, 2011

365 Day 169

more new stuff with the glass "eyes"

If you read Day 168 you know I am having bad allergy days yesterday and today. This is about all I can creatively muster today -- but I am learning a couple of things today. And I DO need to get these eyes done so I can add them to two of my plaster cloth guys.

You know how I buy stuff and then never use it, right? Well, I have several colors of Montana Gold spray paint -- I keep hearing great things about it. Juana likes it a lot, too. I have been meaning to try it out and today is the perfect day.

I wanted the glass "eyes" to have a smoother, cleaner look than the ones I have been doing with acrylic paints and a brush. The spray paint is really great. I hit one of the pairs of eyes with a light spritz of Orange 2070 and then sprayed both sets with two coats of Poison Light CL6310.

outside BRIEFLY to spray some paint

glass "eyes" sitting on top of tape to hold them in place -- these were hit with a short spritz of orange, then the green

how the plain green ones turned out

the orange/green ones -- I LOVE them --

both sets need to have the overspray cleaned off but I will do that later

WOW -- what a difference! I really like how these look. I will definitely be experimenting more with colors on more glass beads...the colors mix so effortlessly.
I need to clean the overspray off of both sets of eyes, but I am really really happy with the results so far!

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