Saturday, June 25, 2011

365 Day 176

math + me = what was I thinking

Why does it always surprise me when I don't calculate correctly (the first time) the length of time something is going to take me? If I try and figure out pieces per minutes (or miles travelled per hour) I always ALWAYS mess the calculation up and think it will take much less time than it does.

If I just "give" something an hour or two I am fine...but when I think I am going to be all efficient and plan stuff out per piece it never works. LOL

As a result, I am half-disappointed with not completing all of the edges of painting I had to do today. And I am also incredibly surprised by how much my hands and wrists hurt (now that I'm done for the night) from holding the blocks and brush...actually, my fingers and forearms and shoulders, too...waaaah. And my eyes are crossing from squinting to see the edges (I should have just put on the "cheaters".) is a start and I will get them finished tomorrow!

I found they take an average of 3 minutes apiece. Add on the time it takes to wash the brush for each color change...and for stirring the paint.

I LOVE the Lumiere light body metallic acrylic paints. I LOVE how the colors blend themselves and shift when you turn the piece in your hand into and out of the light. The Lumiere Neopaques are not so great for this project. We had two colors of Neopaque (580 Yellow and 584 Blue) that we were using for some of the blocks. The blue is okay but the yellow doesn't cover the rough edges of the MDF. The paint is great, it just isn't right for this particular application. Plus, after seeing so many of the metallics, the flatter and plainer Neopaques just aren't working for me. I will accept the blue, but I need to choose a different color for the yellow. I will probably go with the 552 Bright Gold Metallic -- I was delightfully surprised by how not horrible that looked to me. I don't generally care for gold, but this gold paint is really great.

SO -- I completed 52 out of 100. I have to repaint the 3 yellow ones...that makes 51 for tomorrow. (No, I didn't do the math...I just counted the ones that are left...LOL)

Here are some photos:

7 down, 93 to go!

the Neopaque Yellow just doesn't work for this particular project...the edges of the MDF are too rough and too dark

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