Sunday, June 26, 2011

365 Day 177

done painting this batch!

Whew! I am done with the painting part for this batch of Penciled In for Art-o-mat...the collaborative series that I make with Juana Moore.

100 blocks with painted edges

two of those Neopaque Yellow edged blocks that needed to be repainted with Lumiere Bright Gold -- they look much better

a shot of the blocks

another view

Now, while they are getting thoroughly dry, I will work on other projects. Then I will come back to these and attach the twisty wire hangers on the backs. The labels need to be printed, we need to sign the backs, put the labels on the boxes, wrap up the blocks with tissue, insert the mini moo card with the info about our websites, put the cellophane/acetate around the boxes, pack them up and ship them off to Artists in Cellophane for distribution to around 90 Art-o-mat machines across the one in Australia, one in Canada and one in Austria. Click HERE to find a machine near you!

if you like our work, request it for your local machine

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